HP Designjet 500ps 42" Printer - Plotter - $825

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My office hp Designjet 500ps has been a great tool and has delivered a lot of great drawings and posters.    It's seen light duty and was just serviced which included a new drive belt.   Its a fast, clean plotter that I'm just not using anymore.  This will have to be an item that's picked up here at Skyelabs, as it will be a tough one to ship, but contact me if you have some ideas...


Here's the scoop from HP...

The HP DesignJet 500 printing system is specially designed for individuals or small work-groups in Architecture,

Engineering and Construction (AEC) and mechanical CAD design.

For the complete printing solution, HP also offers a wide range of media including HP Heavyweight Coated Paper with fade-resistant photo-quality output and HP High-Gloss Photo Paper for high-quality long-lasting prints that produce a professional look and feel. And with the HP Complementary Media Program, HP provides users with a wide spectrum of choice and flexibility in their media selection.

The HP DesignJet 500 printer comes in two sizes: A0+/E+ size (42 inches/1066.8 mm) and D/A1 size (24 inches/609.6 mm) models. Both models have roll-feed capabilities. The A0+/E+ size model also includes legs and a media bin.

Ultimate Photo Image Quality and Excellent Line Quality: The HP DesignJet 500 printer delivers ultimate line quality with a true resolution of 1200x600-dpi, using HP’s color layering technology, which layers multiple color ink drops on a single drop, on coated paper. This excellent line quality is achieved due to the fact that each one-half inch/12.7mm printhead contains 304 nozzles, producing miniscule 18-picoliter black pigmented ink drops and four picoliter color dye-based drops, that are idea for engineering and architectural applications. In addition, the HP DesignJet 500 printer delivers excellent photo quality for renders and photographs, providing continuous tones and smooth transitions.

Unattendedness: The HP DesignJet 500 printing system includes a modular ink delivery system, with 69-cc cartridge capacity, and long life printheads which last, on average, through ten black ink cartridges and six color ink cartridges, depending on use. This modular system allows users to replace individual ink supplies separately, as needed and also provide automatic alignment and cutting and stacking of finished prints in the

media bin, enabling continuous and unattended printing. In addition, the HP DesignJet 500 printer includes smart chips that are embedded into each individual printhead and ink cartridge that alert the user if it time to replace the printhead and continuously monitor ink levels.

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