Mobile Recording

Skyelabs was built on the concept of mobile recording and was my dream studio in the early 1970's while working with Bob Margouleff at the Record Plant, 3rd Street in L.A.  In my quest of electronic music, Bob became my first studio mentor. It was in this period that Bob and Malcolm Cecil were working with Stevie Wonder (check the video on the right). 

While Bob and Malcolm were making hits with Stevie, I was recruited to help with the rebuilding of Record Plant Studio-B.  John Storyk was brought in for the design work (now of Walters-Storyk Design Group), and I found new interests in acoustics.  I added John to my list of favorite gurus in the industry.  See the Electro/Acoustic Consulting Page for more about John and my affinity for better audio through intelligent acoustics.

Aside from the hundreds, if not thousands, of projects Bob has done over the years, he and I have managed to cross paths on many occasions to do some great location recordings with Rover. 

The above links are some of the archives from Rover's past with me tagging along for the ride...

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